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Sometimes, the things that we want to do the least are the things that we need to do the most.

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Actual problems with feminism

- excluding POC, mogai, disabled and especially trans women

- ignoring issues that do not involve the U.S

- not realizing that feminism is for women to realize that they can do what they want and thrashing women who are feminine or wear religious attire

Not problems of feminism

- one teenage girl saying she hates men because 5 men catcalled her while walking home from school

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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Girl: Come over

Me: Im an AP student, and I take many AP classes

Girl: My parents arent home

Me: AP stands for advanced placement. These are college level courses that you can take in high school. Typically they are more demanding than regular classes and thus you are often given a higher workload. However, the benefits are far reaching. Consider taking some AP courses during high school for a chance to earn college credit

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good thinkin


good thinkin

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shout out to my parents for not supervising what i do on the internet ever

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  • me most of the time: people are okay, I guess. like no one is 100% bad.
  • me after reading the comments section in any article, ever: this world can only be cleansed with fire.

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